Spend 1% of your wedding budget on finding the right life partner

We come across people all the time who claim that they shall give us a cheque of 1 Lac Rs. if they find the right match through us but as of now nothing! It is like telling a mobile brand let me use your services and if satisfied with it only then will pay for it – would anyone agree to this? Of course there are some businesses that have different business models but one cannot run a company without making profits! While this comes from their bitter experiences with various marriage bureaus and matrimony companies but the fact still remains that nothing comes for free!!People need to understand that there is a service cost involved and that they have to keep trying.
For the wedding day it has to be the works. The best hotel, the best location, the best clothes, the best jewelry and the list is endless. A middle class wedding today does not cost anything less than 1 million rupees but if they have to spend 1% of this amount in finding the right match it is like a pinch. Strange but true, isn’t it. This is also a mix baggage of the good old days where no one really paid to show matches, but they forget that times have changed now. You have to try various options before you can really find your “Prince Charming”.
The simple advice to people is that, rather buy one saree less or one jewellary set less for the wedding but invest that money in finding the right match. This is definitely the better than the latter because if you don’t find the right life partner then everything in and around it would be a waste. Not to mention the emotional turmoil one and his family would have to go through if this decision goes wrong. With so much at stake and such an important decision of life people still want to compromise on this journey of finding the right life partner and look for cheaper options.

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Free Matrimony Services

That’s what everyone today is looking for, Free Matrimony Services!! Strange but true. But its also not their fault as there are so many matrimonial services that people have tried and none of them have worked. So the thought they have is how much and how long will they keep spending on this hunt to find the life partner. No one apparently shows them enough matches so they can find the right match or is it that they are being too choosy.

The other side of the coin is that how long can a company help someone find a life partner for free. Specially the professional and to be profitable companies have many costs involved in running. So how can they service a client for free.

The client gives promises that if they find a life partner through their service then they will give a large amount of money, but what if they keep searching and dont freeze on a partner for 5 years? How will this matrimonial company be able to service this client so long for free., It still has to bear all the basic expenses of rent, salary, electricity, online, maintenance, phone bills and many more….

People now need to realize that finding a life partner is not easy anymore. It is a tough journey with many complexities involved and they have to invest on this journey just like anything else. They are ready to spend millions on the wedding but spending 0.1% of that amount to find the right match pinches them, strange isn’t it?

its also about a mindset change that one has to adapt to, as earlier no one paid to get such services it all happened through friends and family but now with all the society and families becoming nuclear everyone is busy in their lives and cannot help much on this front. so its best to go to a professional matchmaker or a marriage bureau who can help you find a life partner.

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One word that can change your life in deciding a life partner. Strangely how important a role a Photograph plays in today’s world. Everyone being busy in their day to day life, Photographs have now become one of the key factors on which people make a choice on whether or not to take the next step with a prospective life partner. With technology becoming so advance and so many shutter bug fans there it is amazing how they can simply transform your image.
There have been enough and more instances where people have been mislead by this decision that they take by simply seeing photographs. An ordinary looking girl in a photograph seems far more beautiful in real life and vice versa. There have been instances where people even intentionally beautify or modify their picture in the hope to at least get shortlisted and do a meeting.
So should one really care about quality of pictures while deciding or is it better to meet and decide is always the dilemma.
Sometimes you meet a person and have a particular image in mind, the one of his or her photograph and that person in reality looks like a completely different animal. Your preconceived notions and expectations is something that makes you dejected. Had you not had high expectations about that person then your meeting would have been better off and you would not have been so dejected. Though many a times it even works the other way, whereby you decide to meet a person who is not so appealing to you but when you actually end up seeing the person he or she may seem far more appealing. This is a typical situation where things tend to then become more positive and the chances of a match increase.

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How much to give up?

A million dollar question that most prospective brides and grooms ask today. How much should I give up? How much to compromise? What all to let go?

The interesting thing is that in a situation like this where there are too many factors that can affect a decision and it is probably one of the most important decision in your life to find a life partner it is indeed a million dollar question. one really needs to do more retrospect on this question and try and  find the answer within. What is more important to that prospective bride or groom. One needs to ask the same question again and gain to find the answers. Its more like what works vs getting a right answer in a situation like this.

Is looks more important or nature?

Is money more important or education?

Is height more important or weight?

It is purely a personal decision and no one but your self can help you on this. As deciding on a life partner comprises of complex parameters to make a choice from, one needs to take a call and prioritize. But again this can only be done on a case to case basis. There is no fix template that can tell you what is right and what is wrong. Hence as mentioned earlier its more like what works and what doesn’t. Some may prefer x and another may prefer y. its ok. its fine to have that choice, but you need to make a choice and then feel happy about. Always remember the grass is always green on the other side, so its important to count your blessing daily and cherish and appreciate what you have and can have rather than endlessly waiting for something and someone unknown.

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The Click Factor


“The Click Factor”

A commonly used word in today’s world especially amongst those who are trying to find a life partner. What really does this mean? What is its origination? Why is it used so often?

“I met that girl several times but at the end of 6 meetings I thought that our chemistry doesn’t click” now that’s where the anticipation lies. People are not able to narrow down many a times a reason why they don’t want to take the next step after meeting a prospective bride or groom. So they come up with various such reasons. Is it a tool that one uses to get away? Maybe! Maybe not!

There are many a times when they really don’t know what’s wrong. Superficially or arguably everything seems just right  but when its time to take then next leap they feels its not clicking. They don’t know the correct word for it or maybe don’t even know the real reason but it just didn’t click between them. It’s the inner voice telling them something does not feel right. Something like an intuition where one just has a feeling but aint sure of what it is trying to imply.

The Click Factor is what really makes it difficult to take a relationship at the next level. After all the efforts that so many people take around trying to fix to souls together the finals decision still lies with the prospective bride and groom to decide on what next. If either of them have a click factor in them that does not click then it gets difficult to convince a person. But maybe there are times when one must trust this click factor and go with it.  It has now become an increasingly used lingo amongst boys and girls searching for a life partner.



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Is Arrainge Marriage about selling yourself?

Times have gotten so busy that people have very little time to find a life partner. Is it that it is not a priority or that people have left it to fate. The reality seems different many a times. Prospective brides and grooms are now talking about selling oneself in a meeting. With so many expectations and many of them being exceptionally high today’s generation boys and girls believe that one needs to sell oneself if they want to get married. “You need to impress your partner, so you need to be at your best” says a prospective bride. Many a times you need to even go out of the way to impress. Instances are increasing where boys and/ or girls often say yes to things they don’t really want to. They want to now portray an image of the all rounder who can play multiple roles for eg “ bahu, beti, girl friend, wife, maa.”
If one liked a person and fails to create a positive impression which usually happens in the first meeting and in many cases in the first ten minutes of that meeting they loose the opportunity to get married. And the long and tedious process of finding a life partner continues again. Many a time rejections also lead to dejection and in many cases people also get into depression if after many prospects the opposite partner say no. so it almost gets imperative to sell your self as the expectations in these kind of matches is very different. One cannot be oneself in a meeting as many a times people get very judgmental about petty issues and hence can lead to creating a bad impression and over a long term even a bad reputation.

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Managing expectations

In the journey of finding ones life partner a prospective bride or groom knowing and managing expectations is an important task. Prospective brides want a groom and vice versa ,that has multiple qualities ranging from education, height, weight, personal salary, wealth, life style, habits, area of residence, size of house, type of family, family back ground and the list can go on. But in this process they forget to look at themselves in the mirror.
I want a good looking guy. I want a guy who has a well settled job. I want a guy who is high flying. I want a guy who will take me on exotic holidays. I want a guy who will be romantic. I want a guy who will impress me. I want a guy who loves me and only me. I want a guy who will surprise me. I want a guy who is rich actually very rich. I want a guy who is well educated. I want a guy who is tall. I want a guy who is handsome. Did u ever think then what kind of a girl this guy wants?
It all begins with the I want I want I want and never what I am! That’s where lies the biggest problem in today’s generation. It is imperative to manage these expectations and one should give it a serious though on what is important and what is ok to let go.

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Who will pay the bill?

A matrimonial company once told its client that they will even help them fix meetings with prospective brides and grooms. As the entire logistics of fixing a meeting is a painful one. The fees they charged was Rs. 500 for registration and Rs. 5000 if one finds a life partner through them. Clients were delighted with this scheme as it seemed very promising. All the hardwork to be done by the company right from showing appropriate matches, to follow up to kundli matching to even fixing a meeting at a suitable time and place, in this cost!

One client one day suddenly calls the office and enquires casually, we have finished meeting the prospective groom at this five star hotel but were wondering who will clear the bill here? And then goes on to say that my daughter said that it has to be us but I thought no harm in checking since your company said that “we will fix the meeting for you”. company employee politely tells the gentleman that the bill and all such dues need to be settled by the client themselves only, on which client agreed and said no problem.

The employee then asked if you don’t mind sir just out of curiosity how much is the bill amount, on which the client replied laughing out loud only Rs. 2800!! Employee puts the phone and burts out laughing and wondering the kind of funny expectations people have. That saying so true, you give him an inch and he takes an ell!!


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Next is what?

Next is what?

Told all my friends and family that I am single and ready to mingle. But no one cares too much any more. No one knows me well enough to find a right match. Registered with various marriage bureaus but not helping too much. Registered with various online matrimonial website but the same issues. Am I really asking for too much? Isn’t there anyone who will click with me? Will I ever find the perfect match? So many questions run my mind everytime I think of finding my life partner. Its become a long tiring journey now. Gave my ad in a newspaper, trying the speed dating and get together formats.

Next is what now??

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Finding a life partner – Priority or Compulsion?

While the modern world has now so many platforms to choose a life partner from, there is still no doubt that people are facing many difficulties in finding their life partner. At one end of the spectrum is the huge choice available from online websites and portals but the other side of the story is that it is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Out of the millions of profiles available online how does one screen and pin the one that suits him or her. While today’s youth is extremely busy in establishing their career they have very little time to find a spouse. After a long and tiring week at work the weekend which would ideally preferred to be spent with friends and family or just chill out at home watching TV, another important part has now taken over that schedule. Meeting prospective bride or groom in search of their life partner.

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